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Gods can steal the money

There are evil gods who can steal real money from the people. They can detect the processings in the bank and direct the payment not to the right person but to themselves to their account. Mostly this do Israeli gods. They dispose of lifes in Evred (our Universe) and they can oversee the info about accounts of the men. Sometimes they put central distributor and Gods then approve all operations by clicking on computer. They can set family operation as successful and others as not.

For example I have my web-site with donation option. They can steal my accounts and do all donation operations being successful for their purse.

If honestly I want to tell you the truth. I am not Christian. Firstly, I went to KPMG audit company and they cut off my mind. Phillip Beale, director, mason who did it has an agreement with Israeli god. They work together. I hate Israeli god. They steal my money, they seduce me and they stole my mind. When it happened, I went to Christian church and obediently was church-goer for 7 years. Yes, I hear God. But Almighty God saw me and explained everything. Phillip Beale stole one half of my mind, Israeli god stole the rest. I love Christ, I help building churches but I hate Israeli god. Beleive me, he has nothing in common with real Christianity. But all church-goers are absent-minded. Because Israeli family steals it.

Israeli god is the most vicious. During these 7 years I saw 1000 girls he had. He perfectly knows that I am Christ daughter Emmanuelle Darti and that I am daughter of Almighty God. And he wanted to marry me. I rejected as I hate him and he started bullying me and my boyfriend. I am glad, as for now he annihilated. It is start of new era, people! There comes new innocent Israeli God! We won it!

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