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Osiris – fatherland of Jesus Christ

Nobody knows, but Jesus Christ governs not only Earth, He is a head of one more planet in our Universe. This is Osiris.

At this planet he is a king. He is alive, not in heaven, but all see Him as a head of world government. He is married there and has two kids, daughter and son, who help Him on the way. You may ask: how He governs 2 planets simultaneously? The answer is: there are several Christs.

World is organized the way that there are many similar realities. It resembles an onion. And the realities are the peelings. There is one root for several souls. They usually have same similar mothers and are same in name, age and way on Earth. There are 1037 realities on Earth.

So there were 1037 Christs who lived on Earth in Jerusalem. And they all suffered.

Several Christs left to Osiris, several remained to govern on Earth invisibly.

Osiris is a planet with rings and it almost lacks nights. It is shiny planet. The inhabitants are almost all moral persons, vicious persons can’t join the planet.

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