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37 miracles of Jesus

During the terrestrial life of Jesus Christ he made 37 miracles, which are described in Testaments. He said that he made that not by himself but by his Father. Let’s have a look at what he did.

  1. Multiplied bread for 5000 people
  2. Healed over the leper
  3. Healed over the mother-in-law of Peter
  4. Suppressed windstorm
  5. Cast out demons out of Gadarin demons-possessed one
  6. Healed over the feeble
  7. Healed over bleeding woman
  8. Resuscitated daughter of Jairus
  9. Healed over one having a withered arm
  10. Walked over the sea
  11. Healed over demons-possessed youngster
  12. Healed over the blind Bartimaeus
  13. Healed over demons-possessed at synagogue
  14. Healed over the servant of centurion
  15. Healed over the demons-possessed (blind and mute)
  16. Healed daughter of Syrophoenician
  17. Multiplied bread for 4000 people
  18. Pronounced a curse upon the sycamine
  19. Healed over two blind men
  20. Healed over mute demons-possessed one
  21. Stater in the mouth of the fish
  22. Healed over the deaf tongue-tied
  23. Healed over blind ones in Bethsaida
  24. Came out invisibly by enemies
  25. First miraculous fish catch
  26. Resuscitated the son of Nain widow
  27. Healed over the crooked woman
  28. Healed over the man ill with dropsy
  29. Healed over 10 lepers
  30. Healed over Malchus, slave of chief priest
  31. Turned water into wine
  32. Healed over the son of courtier
  33. Healed over man near Bethesda
  34. Healed over one born blind
  35. Resuscitated Lazarus
  36. Second miraculous fish catch
  37. Christ rose up

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