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Why God sends diseases to us?

All earthly diseases are being sent to us for our sins. When man is ill, he/she has time to reconsider his life and change to better. Some diseases can be cured, some – not. For the moment there are few uncurable diseases on Earth: cancer, sсhizophrenia and AIDS.

When one has disease, he is punished, but what is much worse – retribution, when God rejects to save a soul and turns His face away from a sinner and slackens his reins. Such a soul lives probably happily during his life, but at afterlife place this human will be staying in eternal tortures.

Uncurable diseases are a red signal. One understands that He put a short time on Earth left and starts going to Church and helping beggars etc.

Regarding schizophrenia – it is God’s intervention into life of a sinner. Many people who have this disease say that they talk to God directly. If life of a man was sinful, he starts watching fallen spirits.

This experience is given to give to one a belief .

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