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General and individual realities

There are general realities and individual ones. Basically the World is subjective. We see with eyes, sniff with nose and hear with ears and these are the organs which just transmit information. I am still not sure if the space exists at all.

Let’s look at the nature of delushion. The one person sees what others don’t. The objective space is similar for all, but one person sees one thing and another – sees the other thing. It means that the information which was transmitted through our eyes was substituted by gods.

Thus we can live in general reality (which everyone sees, common for all), or we can live in our personal world.

I live in individual reality which is conjoint with general one. I live in my own way. Once my mother bodily told me to my face: “Relax, you are living not in the real world”, some time after I asked her and she told that she never said that. Also once my father told me: “you have a halo over your mind”. Some time after dad told me that he never said that.

In my reality I have no traffic on my site, nobody comments my posts on facebook and all my money is stolen by Israeli god. I see world which gods let me see. It is kinda limited virsion of life. Why? God knows…

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  • Nathaniel

    You have an awful lot of insight. Don’t go to far in, it’s not easy to find your way back. It cost me the ability to feel anything physically or emotionally. Now, I feel everything with my 6th sense. All the energy, vibrations, auras and waves. It’s not easy but I’m getting used to controlling it.

    It’s good to be back and see not all is lost.

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