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2 thousands years before rebirth

Our World is enormous by its size. Thus to knock to Almighty God is almost impossible.

Sometimes God recommences life in some corners of the World. Space is separated into some regions (universes, microcosms, solar systems, etc.)

God never does it simultaneously, life goes on in some regions, when in others it is finished. God loves all people and almost never annihilates soul to the fullest. To completely annihilate soul can only one God – Almighty God. All people, who live at moribund spaces are sent to rebirth.

For some moment soul sleeps, when God cleans sins and changes history of blank planet. Bodies go on living but without souls in them. When sin is gone out of the planet God gradually inhabits planet with souls who were sleeping.

Our planet’s next rebirth is in 2000 years, but there are much events before this. In 30 years Jesus Christ will come to Earth to have 1000 years on our planet of joy and flourishing. When His time will be over, sin will start possessing people and our Earth will come to a decadence. But no worry, you will not even notice that!

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