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How does heaven look like?

There are many heavens which are totally different. Heaven – is a reality which God deploys in the spiritual world. Besides this there are ideal planets, where everything is similar to ordinary planets, but people are placed there being adult.

Some heavens have only hermitages which look like box room with a bed, vanity dresser and… nothing more. People there always lay in bed and watch the frame as a frame with the photo with eyes of their relatives who are still in life. These realities are mostly Christian. But all people want to come after death to the heaven of the Almighty God. It is more complicated. In His heaven there are most fashionable houses with the pools, jacuzzies, screens (cameras) where one can watch with eyes of his relatives and other people who are still in life, there are cars and mountain roads where is possible to drive, there is sea and yachts. Some heavens have horses to ride and loona parks, in some there are shops with clothes and other things. But generally speaking, that is all. God did heaven for work not for rest.

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