Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

Wisdom in the center and burden on heart

In ancient Chinese philosophy, there is a doctrine, accordingly to which sages (they were also called “zi”) were holders of the world. They were wise men and bore the light into the world by their example. They were built in the center of Earth and were kinda “brain of Earth”.

Each planet has the core and it can be opened by God. He takes mind and heart of sages and fit it to the core so every person on the planet can feel it as an energy of planet. They are guiding stars of the Universe.

Sometimes God takes heart out of the breast and hangs burden on it. Burden is our sinful world. There are upward power and downward powers. Upward power is given by God to prayers. They conjoint themselves with God and elaborate sins of other people, rising the World. Burden can reach sometimes trillion tonnes.

Sometimes God gives the mind of a sage to hold devil realities to guide sinners. For all above God pays equivalent to a holder.

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