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Diseases in spiritual world

When we have mental disorder, depression we often start thinking of committing suicide. We think that with life in the body our griefs of soul will be over. But it is not quite so.

If cutting arm veins is not that influencing soul, jumping out of the window displaces centers. After jumping out of the window soul often can’t walk straight, sits in the wheelchair and merely can talk and breath. To put it right the great work is needed. Gods mostly not willing to do anything without equivalent.

I already said that to annihilate soul in spiritual world is an easy thing and it is an easy thing to cut parts of the body apart. For example some souls don’t have hands, legs. If such a person is born in body he is born disabled.

Some gods want to punish souls or even just for fun cut mouths on the face, deprive of parts of the bodies, steal minds, cut minds etc. Life in spiritual world is a frightful thing. Such persons can be recovered by God but it needs time and money.

To be safe one shall be religious person, go to church to get to the defended heaven.

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