Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

The philosopher’s stones

The essence of our World is energy. It is everywhere: In mind, in actions, in material, in space, even in stones.

Each stone has it’s own energy. To brighten up the state of mind of the person, stones can be connected (assigned) to a man. They are being inserted (placed) to a special casing with the holes for each stone.

Thus person can feel energy of stones inside himself.

Though it is not only stones that can influence our state of mind. We have physical structure (material body) and spiritual structure. Brain is material, but mind is spiritual. Some Gods’ obligation to make up spiritual minds. It is being connected to a person with a thread. Some minds are golden, some are cheaper and are being done out of the iron, some are silver etc.

Also there are different stems, they can be aluminium, cilicic etc. They are being placed inside the backbone. And a man feels it.

There are also golden mines which grow with a person. They also can be connected. And lakes, which are being connected to a soul and are being unfolded under the person so that person would be watching wider.

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