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What our fingers can tell

Our hands are our judges. Each finger has it’s own meaning.

Thus thumb means “God”. This finger lays separate from other fingers of the hand. But it is not possible to do anything without that finger.

Forefinger is our own will, middle finger is a vice, leech finger is love, and small finger is satan.

We wear ring on the leech finger because vein which is in it goes directly to heart.

We make the sign of the cross with three fingers: thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The sacred meaning of that is that we subdue or will and our sinful nature to God. Some icons depict Jesus connecting thumb with leech finger. The sacred meaning of that is that we praise love to God. When we connect thumb and forefinger it means “everything is all right”, kinda I am with God, I am safe. When we lift thumb up with all the rest fingers kept in fist it means “great”, great as a God. Devil horn sign having small and forefinger up, means: I subdue my will to satan.

Sometimes God watches the memory and fingers commence moving. Thus He watches, who and what are responsible for the deeds which a man did.

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