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Bread and wine – symbols of Christianity

In the testaments Jesus said: you will be eating my flesh and sipping my blood. The main symbols of Christianity is Holy Bread and wine, which is flesh and body of Christ. Without bread and wine doesn’t do not a single liturgy. In fact Holy Communion is the culmination of each Sunday service. It is when people taking in the piece of bread soaked in a wine out of the bowl from a golden spoon. Thus comes out that the communioned person gets Christ inside.

Before Holy Communion each person should prepare hard: it is forbidden to eat meat last 3 days, person should abide by the commandments of God, confess and read prayers. The last night before Holly Communion it is forbidden to eat after 0:00 and in the morning it is necessary not to smoke and even not to drink.

There was one boy who was going to take Holly Communion. He was standing in the queue and was laughting when priest lifted the spoon to the lips of righteous. And mother started hissing at him. Then boy sais: when priest lifts the spoon there comes the dove and eats everything out of this spoon and the person has empty spoon in his mouth. Thus only properly prepared people can take Holly Communion.

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