Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

1st God was a commencer

Philosophy schools argue over the fact what was in the beginning, fowl or egg?

The truth is this: 147-lions years ago He appeared as a result of transforming universes. He had only sight, but had no eyes. He saw with his soul. He watched the world and studied it through. 2 lions years later he subdued the World to Him and commenced life. He appeared in material World and gave birth to ideal one.

Firstly he created space and cosmos, and first solar system. He made planets in it and inhabited it with first people. First people were primitive, they were looking as at an ancient Egypt drawings. And He thought it is good. To help people in their ways, he created first Gods, who were similar to Him, but less powerful not to let them overgrow Him.

Thus life began. Some atheists think that God doesn’t exist but it is misbelief. We have 2 eyes to see, eyelids to sleep, nose to breathe, mouth to eat and talk. If to throw paint against the canvas there will be baloney. It was organized in extremely clever way.

Our almighty God is a genius who has no equal to Him.

If you want to come to His trial in the end of your Earth life, you shall say: I conjoin myself to the 1st God. It is not guarantee that He will look at you, but further way will be in His glory.

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