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Disproof of Charles Darwin’s theory

There is a common knowledge in the world that ancient ancestor of a man is a monkey. Charles Darwin says that already 3,5 million years B.C. our planet was inhabited by first people of the stone age – australopithecuses. They didn’t have language, they had small brain and massive jaw, nevertheless they stood straight and could hunt and did forage. Scientists say that they can relegate the remains found in excavatory archeology to that time. But this is misapprehension.

First man and woman were Adam and Eve, who lived in Mesopotamia 3700 years B.C. When God created the World, he presumed that every planet should have a history. He created the World already with remains of “so called” first people and first animals.

In the heavens there is a job – to furnish planet with houses, plants, animals etc. Planet always appears done. Firstly, on the planet empty people appear (without a soul) and then with the time God commences reincarnating childes to the newborns.

Our planet is half empty. There are many bodies without a soul. It happens sometimes that soul must leave to the heaven before death of the body.

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