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People can communicate by sky telephone

One priest told me that Adam and Eve were superhumans. They could relocate with the fast speed and could communicate to each other remotely in their minds.

Nowdays some people have same abilities. They are called foresighted. To have this abilities one shall have 3rd eye opened. It happens during initiation when person lets upward power in him. Energy flow grows high in the backbone and pierces a rill in the top of the head letting knowledge in. Initiation can be into masonry, reiki, orthodox church etc.

Such people initiated can communicate between each other in mind, they hear voices and they hear the voice of God. They don’t need telephones. It is called sky telephone.

Initiation though not an easy thing. When mind is being uplifted person goes little bit mad. It is a great stress. Such people sleep not much and can experience delusions. Some people say that they wanted to jump out of the window during the initiation.

But when everything is done it is fun and enjoyable to have many distant friends.

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