For fun

Your princess

White fountain mind and humorous expression

A tuft of hair which crowning diamond head

And under arm the books of Uni session

She is going to get married, simply wed.

All watch her and a little slobber over

All watch her and are whispering to ears

“You know she is a lover for Range Rover”

And others add “Her future – Britney Spears”.

She is coming out and million photo blazes

Are blinding eyes with brightest flashes of light

She is visitor to all the famous places

And you’ll be jealous of her nature hight.

How old is she? Is slightly more than twenty

And credent smile upon the curve of lips

She is not a bussiness lady, just a mentee

But was prescribed a story with a hips.

A dark famed club and stranger in the darkness

How old are you? And taxi to hotel

She didn’t know that life can be a hardness

And many lips who started to retell.

Where our princess? Is the fruit forbidden?

Where she got lost? Where is our charming teen?

And on the grave stone it is gently written

She was our princess and became a queen.

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