Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

Obligations in the heavens

There are only two ways after soul leaves the body: to stay in God’s world (i.e. in heavens) or to be reincarnated. With the latter everything is easy: soul pays equivalent and chooses the way, some lucky souls can obtain life for free. Or there is another way – to live in heavens with God.

What soul can do in heavens?

Firstly, of course – management. People can become like God and manage the World: do deprogramming of people and difficult situations, annihilate sinners, program realities etc. Secondly, – assembling. Some people live not accordingly to commandments and waste their mind away, some parts of it are stolen, some simply left the body, the task of a person to collect it back. Also some souls are small. They were disassembled to the utmost, this called to assemble from the beginning. Thirdly, to make minds. Brain can be golden, silver, with a needle, spinning mind etc. A task of a person to make mind and put it to the head of customer. Also one can make structures. It is a consequence of constituent parts of the body. One can be in register and help God to allocate incoming tasks to different Gods. Soul can also search for difficult situations in the World (suffering people, force of satan).

In heavens in education He proposes to study languages, politics, economics, and history of the planets.

Idlers usually sit in the churches, helping people, make poetry and music to make it popular in the world.

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