Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

We live in Universe called Evred

There are many many planets in the World about which we do not know anything. The total of planets is solar system, the whole of the solar systems is universe, several universes is microcosm, the total of microcosms is World. There are 3 worlds designed as a sphere. Each world has levels, there are 8 levels in our world. We are at 4th from below. Our universe is called Evred. There are two main Gods in Evred: Agaroni, Israeli and some others.

Each world has its own Gods. There are 3 main Gods who rule the 3 worlds, and above them there are lots of beyond-world Gods. And above these all there is Almighty God, or 1st God, He is also known as the Creator or most ancient God.

To reach out to the Almighty God is almost impossible, but sometimes He watches. Gods can assign the prayer for the person, and when this person reads this prayer, God who assigned it – hears.

If you are in spirtual world and you are in trouble, the best way to reach out to the higher Gods is to ask special Gods to unfold the poster. Some posters are overlain, some are not. Gods watch the writings on the poster and help to the person.

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