Clergyman is the most heavy way on Earth

Many priests have the third eye opened and communicate to God directly. They watch the spiritual World and are responsible for their congregate. Some of them can go out of the body. Some of them even do the binding of the mind. They help dead people to get to the heaven. And for them spiritual warfare is the utmost as well as allurements. They can have only 1 wife during the lifetime, their wifes are forbidden to do the abortus. Thus, as many kids God sends to the couple, will be their responsibility. Only imagine that they have to listen to the sins confessed by the congregation each Saturday and Sunday. Whether they are ill of feeling not well they have to conduct the service accordingly to the timetable.

Church lives only by the donation of the congregation, they don’t have another income. They buy flowers to decorate the Church, they buy frankincense for the services, they bake free altar bread and buy wine. They have to pay money for working presvyteras, kliros, cleaning ladies and deacons. And anyhow they have to feed their family. Some of them are busy with constraction. It is widespread that they are driving limos and live in the Temples. But it is not quite so.

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