Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

Why fornication is the way to hell

Our body consists out of invisible threads. When 2 persons make love to each other there appears the connection between two. God created man and woman this way that the first intercourse between lovers is the strongest. When people have sex, they bodies become interlocked and to unwind it is almost impossible. Their bellies become dependent from each other. And between these people appears the invisible thread which exists untill God cuts it off.

If people have sex before marriage, satan gets an access to the bodies of two and it is considered by God as fornication. Thus satan can steal mind, can fling into depression, can make one go out of the body. Belly becomes dirty, skin gets silky and vibes of the person become spermatoid. It all happens when one often uplifts libido.

Lord prescribed for us that we have only one partner per life and in heavenly life, that there is no way for fornication, marriage shall be in church (even marriage by passport is considered to be fornication), and sex shall be only without debauch (oral sex and anal sex are forbidden). Kamasutra is forbidden either, sex shall be only in one posture – plain one.

Sometimes when person has many partners God even refuses to watch that person. So dangerous fornication is! We can loose his love and his care. Let’s be clean and with one partner for good.

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