Why in Christianity reincarnation doctrine was forbidden

The idea of reincarnation had existed in Christianity only untill The 5th Ecumenical council of 553 year, when it was forbidden by Justinian I. Let’s figure out why…

In christianity there is a dogma that on Earth the human soul is bearing hardships and obstacles, difficulties which will be repayed in the Kingdom of Heaven, where soul will be living for good. The idea of heaven and hell makes people beleive that the judgement in the end of the way will be final and ultimate. In Christianity church-goers confess their sins to the priests to clean out and thus they prepair themselves for the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus the doctrine of reincarnation is inconsistent from the teaching of the Christian Church.

I think otherwise, that every soul has a karma and karmic sins which every soul has to work out. Each reincarnation reflects the way of previous life.

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