Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

Spacecrafts and teleporters

Our universe is huge. It is enormous. There are many many planets which are created by God in the space. And if one would want to travel to another planet and be reincarnated there, one can fly on the spacecraft. There are 7 airdromes in Evred (name of our universe) with spaceships. Spacecrafts can be designed for 1 family, 100 people or even for thousands. Some ships are with the rooms, like in a hotel, some with births (usually if there are many people). And sometimes God puts on the ship sleeping capsules to help to people to avoid feer of being locked-in. There is a shower which is condencing the water out of the air, several ships have washing machines.

Though it is also another way of moving inside our World. There are teleporters of God. It is much faster. If it takes approximately 1 hour in the teleport to get to the right God, then it will take 4 billion years to travel on the spacecraft.

Be with God is a privilege. He is searching for better ways for us.

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