Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

The heaven of The Almighty God is defended the most

Our World, I mean everything that was created by the Almighty God and his placemen has been existing for already 18 trln years. I already told that there are many heavens. The heaven of the Almighty God is defended the most. He cares about his creatures. But in the World there is much vice. Some heavens are not His creature, but creature of Lordmade gods. Some of them live since the creature of the World, some – less. They do not have that profound knowledge about World and that creative power of thought that the Almighty has. During the times our World has been growing wider and wider. Less clever gods created their’s own’s heavens. But vicious people, gods and satan never sleep. They want to steal souls from Heavens, they want to ruin happiness of people by stealing their minds. They want to kill and deprive, drive lovers apart, separate married ones, they want to fornicate with young girls, making their mothers cry. These heavens, created by his placemen are worse and less defended and thus are in danger. When gods invent something, vicious gods and people create something twice as more.

Spiritual World is defended less than material one. In material World people are at comparative safety, they are in body, they are little bit blinded, they can’t oversee, overhear and live in calm and piece. But spiritual World otherwise is dangerous. If you do not join heaven of the Almighty you can be stolen by devil. All bad things can wallop on you if you are not in His Heaven.

If you want to His Heaven you should live dignified life and search for Him, the Almighty, whereever possible.

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