Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

Recommence from the beginning

There are some souls, so dark and vicious that God can’t let them go on living. Firstly He annihilates these souls and they can start from the beginning. God is so kind, that He never annihilates souls to the utmost. What is recommencing? He erases all the memory of the past lifes, he dissasembles souls to the seed and they begin in a new root. The soul though gets primitive. It shall study everything from the zero.

All people are created out of the flesh of someone. God’s kids are created out of His flesh, but some can be created out of the flesh of satan and are his kids. These people are more inclined to violate justice of God. They maybe do this not deliberately but unconsciously, they do not understand why they want to commit sins.

Crocodile is a dead-end branch. But His Majesty cares even about crocodiles, letting them live from the beginning.

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