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Kids of satan are antichrists

666 is a human number. It means that God created man on 6th day, 6 days man works and only one is dedicated to God and there are 6 sences of the human (sight, hearing etc.). We call satan “prince of this World”, he rules on Earth and God reigns in the Heavens. Kids of satan usually have the memory of previous lifes and are trying to turn the World upside down. Most awful kids are done out of his cell. Thus they hate life and can’t fight the desire in themselves to kill people and to change their own way. They are envious to all God’s kids.

The key point in Christianity is salvation after death of body. When God gave Adam and Eva skin cover he said: you will be working to sweat to have a bread, you women will be torturing when giving birth to a child and you will be working 6 days per week. It is said: “when one comes into the World all people celebrate but one cries, when he leaves the World he celebrates but all cry.”

It is necessary not to underestimate the way which you live. Every way is a way. But this World is a World of Israeli God. He wants everything good for Israeli people on Earth. He promised to Israeli people to have territorical power and reincarnation in best lives. They want to put Kogan (Kohen, or Coen) to the top management. Kogan is antichrist and it is the most ancient surname of levitic tribe.

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