Jesus Christ

Jesus is not Israeli kid

During the time of first Christ advent in Israel tsar Herod was reigning. Herod was a placeman of Roman Empire which was flourishing that days and conquered many other countries, including into the pantheon pagan gods of defeated countries. Israelities almost all have 3rd eye opened. They scoop the knowledge out of the air and many of them consider themselves as to be white magicians. They have Kabala book which gives them way to invisibly rule the world by knowledge. Israeli God then incited people to crusify Christ and promised that Mashi will arrive ( he is son of Adonai god) and will give to Israel territorical might. And people of Israel listened to him and did it. Christ then had nither harrow nor barrow and was not convenient for Israeli people who wanted to rule on Earth but not in the Heaven. And they crusified him, saying: His blood is on us and on our kids.

People! Christ is a son of the Almighty God! Not Israely one and He adores Him as He has the most heavy burden in the World never complaining.

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