Jesus Christ,  Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

There are many Gods

It is necessary to begin with the statement that Almighty God is only one. His majesty created our World, and not only our one, but other Worlds either. But he has many placemen under Him. In christianity it is widely accepted that there is a Holy Trinity – Father God, His son and Holy Ghost. And nobody else…

But it is not quite so. There are many Gods in Christianity, many in Islam, many in Jeudaism etc. They are not quite Father Gods, they are Gods which help the Almighty to rule the World.

Almighty God prescribes scenarios. He is putting in place the destiny accordingly to which everything is happening. And other Gods are His hands. They fulfil everything accordingly to scenarios he had put to.

There are many scenarios. Almighty God sees all the ways which are probable to come out. Some of them are more favourable to Him some less. It is because a human and Gods have a will. It can be 5% or so, can be 100%.

There are many Jesuses. But some of them didn’t live in Judaea, theirs obligation is to controll the things in churches or at some section of spiritual World.

As well there are many Virgin Maries, who help the Church to keep watch over the icons and the prayers. Not all of them lived in Judaea.

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