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Mind issue

Mind and brains are rather different things. If brain is attached to the body, mind can be moving. It is possible to steal mind.

If one has strongest affection to his sexual partner, it may be that partner wears mind of his beloved. When intercourse happens, bodies interlace into a single structure, which is difficult to separate.

We feel each other. Aura is of material nature, aura is mind. It is bad to do masturbation thinking of a person, because you attract other person’s mind.

Mind can leave even through the handshake. In the digital world mind even possible to be stolen by the photo.

Brain is material level and mind is spiritual one.

In spiritual world there are workshops where souls do spiritual resources. Spinning minds, golden minds, silver minds etc. This resources can be bought for equivalent or spiritual money. And owners sell it and set to the body.

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