Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

Lord hates most when somebody wants His place

Among all sins the most horrible is to desire the place of Lord. For this sin satan was expelled from the Heaven and was sent to downer world to rule sinners for good. Satan is hating his place and he always wants to turn the World upside down and to have the place of God. He is subdueing clever people to rule them and to spread his dominance over the world to unset the Almighty with their hands. But these people are blatant and blind. Living the life of 70-80 years, they think is enough to rule the World but in fact they do not see beyond their’s nose. God is living more than 18 trln years and during this time He invented everything to defend Himself and to manage the World accordingly to His will. Satan is also His creature, He can annihilate satan just in a moment, as well as people who rebell for Him. When someone infringes on His place, such a person has heart attack or dies for some other reason. Mostly they are masons, force of satan. Such people can go out of the body and watch ways of God. They have their’s spiritual rooms where they can watch on computer previous lifes. Most masons almost do not sit in bodies. They steal minds of normal people and sell it, to friends-masons. They can steal even voice and to sell it to mason-singer. For real money.

But if mason tryes to kill righteous one, God sends him for tourture or erases him. It is right way to be with God. He is Our Hope, Eternal Love and Our Defender.

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