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Fallen spirits

In spiritual world there are souls. Many of them manage people who are in lives, ie at planets. Some of them live in heavens and are defended but the rule for them is not to do harm to other people. And all the rest stay in dwelling of satan. Some stay in common space.

Mostly people of satan are fallen spirits. They are disassembled and want to acquire resources of righteous people, who shine bright. Mental structure of our brain is of spiritual nature. And in spiritual world it is visible. It is possible to be distracted. Fallen spirits watch the soul and program by speech and by means of computer. In spiritual world it is possible to connect to the soul and disassemble it.

Mostly they do this when a person enters the site or social community. Thus person discloses oneself. Fallen spirits often watch Internet. Either they can connect to a person by one’s selfie or video with a human. They can connect to mind and put it out to their heads.

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