Wisdom from the Sky

Washing machines and the food

There are laundries and kitchens in each heaven. For little money one can ask laundress to wash his clothes or do it by himself. There are also ironing mashines at the wash houses. At some heavens there are washing mashines that are built – in at the houses, but not in all heavens. Some houses have ironing machines built – in.

Kitchens provide the prepared food. Normally in each heaven food is prepared in a bulk for many and it is not your choice what to eat for the breakfast or lunch. But in some heavens the is an option. In such heavens it is necessary to pay for the food.

In heaven there is no meat, there is only soy-bean salami. And food is taken from Earth. There are special people on Earth who have the third eye open who grow the food and then God takes it to the heaven, emptying airsheds with the food.

By the way there is a tradition to bring food to church where it is laid to the table. It is the food for those who invisibly live in the church – angels and God’s placemen.

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