Lord,  Wisdom from the Sky

Snake and apples

When Lord created Adam and Eva, they were asexual. They were perfect, they could read minds, communicate telepathically, move around the Heaven with the higher speed if to compare with ordinary people. They were innocent and beautiful. Lord implanted the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. He let them eat out of the tree of life but forbad them to eat out of the tree of knowledge, because this made third eyes opened.

Adam and Eva lived happily unless satan in a vision of snake started seducing them. They ate the apples out of the tree of knowledge and became like Gods. God was taking a stroll around the Heaven and heard the voice of Adam, invocatory for Him. He got that they broke the commandment and decided to punish them. He precipitated them to Earth and so that they would remember the sin, he gave them sex organs, to Eva – the vision of apple and to Adam – vision of snake. This sexual knowledge they obtained was the first sin of humankind.

There is an expression in English “rotten apple”, in fact it is about girls who had many sexual partners. Good snakes eat good apples and bad snakes eat “rotten apples”.

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