My life

Jump out of the window

This is the true story of one church-goer:

I did obediently go to church, confessed in my sins and read prayers at home. I was working in one big company for that moment and heard voices. Thus i got aquainted with one man which i never saw in true life. He was one of my heads in the company. We liked each other a lot and even planned our real meeting.

One day i was praying to Theophan the Recluse and my man jumped out of the window. My mind was on him and i was pressed in to the bed and started begging: Lord, have a mercy on me! Lord, have a mercy on me! I felt the pain the same way he did when his body broke against asphalt. I closed eyes and started watching fluctuant grass, then my shed and as if his soul rising up to the Skies.

He was in body and nobody took him. He continued talking to me and he forgot everything but me. I was praying for him and when his memory started being unbound he felt the pain of broken head again and again. When he was being balmed, i felt the smell of it. Then i understood one truth: Givenchy ange ou demon (secret) use this smell in theirs parfume. I think that this smell on different persons discloses in a different way. If smell is nice – means you are an angel, if smell is stuffy – means you are a demon.

I was going to church each day during 40 days and put candles to his memory, i did cross the icon lamp and said: burn icon lamp to the memory of my beloved one so he could see it and get a warm from it.

He was taken to heaven and i saw it.

Some time ago we talked.

He found a woman in heaven to whom he is still affectionate. I am happy for him and now i know: heaven exists!

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