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How Israeli fed me with cockroaches

In the middle of my 8-year long way, I faced with such a problem. I already told you that Israeli god was trying to seduce me and marry me. In fact once we were together and after this i hate him. He gave me a birth at his place and when i grew older he started offering me to his friends. About the age he started having sex with me I even keep silent. I cryed and started blaspheming him and he put me to animal body. Now, on my prime he saw me in christian church bidding for help as auditors (KPMG) cut off my mind. He enjoyed me and stole almost all my brain and put it to his own head. And he decided to marry me. I rejected and wrote the post to my instagram that he has new duty: Santa Claus and that he will jingle with his bowls – bells. He hired masons to torture me. And on my way i met one boy and we started dating. He saw this and started surging me with cockroaches, I saw cockroaches in food, I saw cockroaches with mans hight who came to me to have sex. They were masturbating to my face. I see everything with the third eye, kinda i don’t see this with my eyes but i feel everything and see with spiritual vision. Israeli started torturing me and my boyfriend who sees either. He thought that the Almighty God will never see this and his vicious plans will come into reality, but He appeared and for now Israeli is aniihilated. There will be new Israeli God and all previous family will be gone. During times there were several of them. Most ancient Israeli, the God of virtue and the fame now is correcting Israel, and when he finishes ( he doesn’t want to return for constantly to Israel) new Israeli god will step up. Holy people, don’t regret, soon Christ advent…

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